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Our Mission

"To ensure that you are safe so you can concentrate on what matters to you knowing that you are being protected by a UNIQUE combination of elite expertise and the best operatives in the business“

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Derek Pucci

UNIQUE, Part of BBP Established in 2008 by Former Elite Law Enforcement Officer Derek Pucci Has a Proven Track Record of Exceptional Results That Come From a Lifetime of Experience in Close Protection Services, and

Law Enforcement.​

Mr. Derek Pucci and his team of professionals have built a solid reputation for delivering first-class services that always adhere to the highest standards. We provide services tailored to our client’s individual needs in a discreet, professional, and systematic manner that allows our clients to continue their normal daily routines without interruption. 


Throughout the years, we have secured the trust and loyalty of numerous VIPs, celebrities,

UHNW, artists, corporate leaders, fortune 500 companies and many other international

individuals visiting São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and many other cities in Brazil.

We are renowned for our services at the FIFA 2014 and RIO 2016 Games ensuring that sponsors, VIPs, and celebrities were securely protected while in Rio de Janeiro.Every year, we are chosen as the top close protection specialists for multiple broadcasting corporations that cover Formula 1 São Paulo Grand Prix with SKY UK among one of them.​

With clients from all around the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa and North America w are tailored to meet any special requirements, including the availability of female bodyguards.



  • Families and Children

  • Corporate

  • Security Drivers for Organisations and Families

  • UHNW, VIPs and Celebrities.

  • Travel

  • Concerts,Sporting Events and Film Productions

  • High Profile Clients

  • Luxury and Prestigious Vehicles

  • Politicians and Royal Families


  • providing bodyguards for families and children to assure smooth facilitation of day-to-day work and social life.

  • providing close protection and security drivers for executives of a large corporate organisation

  • providing close protection for celebrities, and VIPs involving disguising clients and maintaining a low team profile.

  • identifying potential threats and facilitating protective surveillance during concerts, sporting events and movie production sets.

  • providing close protection services for high profile clients where clients have desired a show of force, to act as a deterrent

  • assisting with travel plans offering an all-inclusive concierge service booking vehicles or more exclusive luxuries such as helicopters and luxury cars etc

  • providing security drivers who are primarily trained bodyguards, for UHNW clients from London, as part of the security team.

  • providing an outstanding security driver with advanced knowledge and training in evasive driving techniques for an international celebrity visiting São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

  • facilitating protective surveillance for a client’s wife and children, as they enjoy their holidays in Brazil and providing them with a team, that becomes integrated into a family.

  •   quickly mobilising an emergency security team as an additional cover   to reduce and eliminate immediate threats.

We Guarantee Complete Security and Piece of Mind For  You and Your Entire Family.
Brazil's Leading Provider of Bodyguard Services


Are You Looking For a
First-Class Bodyguard Services in Brazil On Your Next Trip?

Whether you are a celebrity,VIP or executive travelling on business, high profile individual or family visiting on holiday, our experienced UNIQUE close protection team will keep you safe and secure so that you can focus on the purpose of your visit.


Call Our Team Of Close Protection Experts on:

+44 7767725226

We will examine your security requirements and then assign you the most qualified bodyguards

for your individual security needs. 

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