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 Close Protection

Unique provides bodyguard services in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

to VIP’s, executives, individuals, families, organisations or anyone who may be at risk while travelling in Brazil.

After carrying out a detailed security threat assessment we produce a comprehensive and cost-effective strategy that ensures our client can carry out their everyday activities knowing that they are safe and under the protection and observation of highly skilled close protection operatives.

We can provide a team of highly dedicated close protection operatives to keep you always safe and secure. This can be an obvious overt security presence or we can provide a discreet and covert operation depending on your needs.

All of our services are tailored to suit the needs of our clients, both male and female close protection operatives are available. All of our close protection operatives follow a strict regime that maintains our clients privacy and reputation.


​Our team of highly-trained and licensed close protection operatives undergo an intensive screening process, with thorough pre-deployment checks and training to guarantee our high standards. They consistently exhibit professionalism, conforming to the surrounding cultural, political and religious environments, while ensuring the utmost discretion, loyalty, confidentiality, honesty and punctuality.

We Can Provide a Fully Integrated Close Protection Team Consisting Of:

  • English speaking close protection operatives

  • Armed and non-armed bodyguards

  • Specialist security drivers

  • Female bodyguards

  • Secure transportation

We Offer Close Protection Services To:

  • VIPs

  • Celebrities

  • Executives

  • Families

  • Travellers

  • Organizations

  • Religious leaders

  • Any individuals at risk


We can provide close protection services for long or short term periods even at short notice. Our operatives can keep you safe and secure when you are travelling, spending time at your hotel or place of work, whilst in transit or during your important event. Unique provides the highest level of specialist close protection services available. Please contact us for further information, we look forward to ensuring you are safe and secure at all times.


Call Our Team Of Close Protection Experts on:

+44 7767725226

We will examine your security requirements and then assign you the most qualified bodyguards

for your individual security needs. 

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