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Secure Transportation

Our team of security drivers and protective vehicles will get you to your destination safely and effectively, with the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen threats.

Executive Transportation Services in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and across Brazil

We are devoted to providing the highest standard of secure transportation for executives, VIPs, and celebrities who lead hectic lives with busy schedules and sudden changes.


Our drivers have an advanced knowledge of major cities to ensure that each client can be safely transported in fast-paced and ever-changing environments and they are prepared for any

alterations on short notice.

The vast majority of executives, high profile individuals, celebrities and families travelling to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro require secure transportation services, often supplemented with close protection as a bodyguard and a security driver usually cannot be the same person.

Your security driver is committed to your safety, vigilantly navigating traffic and scanning the area for any possible danger while bodyguard will keep an attentive eye on the environment for your safe and seamless transition from one location to the next. Also, he will accompany you from the vehicle to your destination and during your entire stay, whether it be in a hotel, restaurant or office.

What We Offer:

Are You Looking For Secure Transportation While Travelling  to São Paulo,Rio de Janeiro and across Brazil ?

Let Unique Close Protection Eliminate Your Stress and Hassle of Seeking a Reliable Security Driver
and Suitable Car.

-    executive chauffeur services
-    executive transportation in São Paulo       and Rio de Janeiro
-    luxury and prestigious cars
-    armored and non-armored vehicles

-    English speaking security drivers
-    airport transfers incl. meet & greet
-    vans for transfers of large groups   
-    helicopter transfers

Sport Car






Call Our Team Of Close Protection Experts on:

+44 7767725226

We will examine your security requirements and then assign you the most qualified bodyguards

for your individual security needs. 

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